Fun Facts About Me

  • I can only write with my notebook turned sideways.  When I was a kid, I wrote with it turned upside down.
  • I write, catch, and eat with my right hand.  Everything else – batting, shooting a basket, holding a golf club, etc. is done with my left.
  • I can shake my eyeballs in bright light.
  • I have a long, long list of foods I don’t like. (I guess this isn’t really a ‘fun’ fact!)
  • I am very, very neat.  Except when I am not.
  • I know the lyrics to about a thousand bad songs from the 1970s, including songs from tv commercials and television shows.
  • I have a lot of my writing memorized so that I don’t have to carry my books everywhere.
  • I once wrote a book in two weeks and it only needed a little revision.
  • The next book I wrote took four years.
  • I have only lost at checkers once or twice.  I have only won at Chess once.
  • I can jump double-dutch.
  • Even though I can walk to a Brooklyn Nets game from my house, I’m still a die-hard Knicks fan.
  • I love it when it’s quiet and sunny.
  • Fall is my favorite season.
  • My son was born in the United States but since then, has never spent a birthday in this country.  (His birthday is February 19th which is usually Winter Break.)
  • I share a birthday with Abraham Lincoln and Judy Blume.
  • I laugh at really dumb jokes.
  • Something many people don’t know about me:
    When I was a toddler, I did a series of advertisements for Alaga Syrup in Ebony Magazine. Even though I was only two, I looked a lot older and the ads that ran often featured me as a school-aged child thinking about Alaga Syrup.
    I don’t remember wishing anything about Alaga Syrup.  I wasn’t even in school yet. Still, I think of it fondly because it was, technically, my first job.

  • There are a few special places I love to write…
    Anywhere on the Cape where there are dunes nearby like in this picture:
    Dunes in Cape Cod
    Here in Brooklyn where I live: (Yes, there really are trees in New York City!)
    Brooklyn tree-shaded street
    Sitting on the yellow chair in my office:
    My favorite chair