If you’re a caregiver interested in what your young ones are reading, read this:

JL on the march
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Families come in all sizes and make ups. I use the word caregiver because I think it’s important to affirm the many ways we have family. Often, when I visit schools, I am saddened to hear teachers say “Mom and Dad” because I then witness the hurt and confusion in the faces of the young people whose families may not be made up of a Mom and Dad. Perhaps, they live with their grandparents or aunt or Foster Mom. Perhaps they have two moms or two dads or an older sibling raising them. So this page is for the people who have a young person in their life who they love.

As a person who is raising two young ones and who has many young people in her life, I know the importance of keeping our children safe. I also know the importance of teaching them the value of reading early on. My hope is that this site will be yet another way to connect young people to literature and show them that they have a story and a right to tell it.

All of the links on this site are child-friendly. I hope it is helpful to you and your family.